Only 2 in 10 applicants are right hires.
ACETALENT AI screens off the 80% for you.


Are You Running Resume Writing Contests?

“Achieved, Improved, Mentored, Managed, Created,  …….”  these are Power Words and Action Verbs  which every candidate now uses in resumes. It has become a resume puffing-up exercise!

Shortlisting candidates from resumes? It’s like judging a resume beautification contest!

When every candidate uses the same “power” descriptors it’s impossible to tell the difference! By the time you find out at the interview that it’s only hotair words it’s big time wasted. No wonder hiring has become more of a miss than a hit! Sounds familiar?

Einstein says doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result is insanity. 

Why not take a break from short listing resumes and do what our clients do?

“Our best performing new blood are from totally unrelated industry to us … its all about Attitude, Adaptability and Willingness to Learn. This is what A.C.E screens for. Forget CVs. Hire for Attitude, Train on Skills.”

Kevin Ho. Founder. James King Group.

Ditch Fakers. Hire Achievers.

As our client happily does.

What A.C.E looks for regardless of resumes.

A.C.E Talent Hire AI System Cuts Through The Fluff!


Meet Your ACE Team

  • Gaston Bagsit. CEO.
    Gaston brings 20 years experience in advertising & media industry where dealing with emotions, stress and high personnel turnover is the norm. You can be rest assured he is well qualified in leading ACE Talent Hire.
  • Dr Shashie S. Client Solutions.
    Shashie practiced as a dental surgeon for over 30 years. He understands client care and needs!
  • Dr Bong. Tech Solutions.
    Bong is a professor in the AI space. He makes sure our algorithms and systems work accurately and efficiently for you.
Gaston Bagsit
Gaston Bagsit
Chief Executive Officer
Dr Shashie S
Dr Shashie S
Client Solutions
Dr CH Bong
Dr CH Bong
Tech Solutions

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